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Why establish Smart Radiology within your workflow?

  • Save Time

    Save Time

    Multiple integration possibilities and an array of workflow optimizing features such as "normal findings" pre-sets can help you to become faster in your reporting.

  • Improve Completeness

    Improve Completeness

    Our templates consist of context-specific decision trees and are continuously updated according to latest clinical guidelines.
    This guidance drives completeness.

  • Create Structured Data

    Create Structured Data

    Radiology reports created with Smart Radiology have a structured and synoptic format, making them easily available for data mining and machine learning.

Our browser-based, vendor-neutral system does not require any installation.
You can generate the report directly at your workstation without entering any sensitive patient data. Reports are never shared or publicly accessible.

Trial Templates

Traumatic Brain Injury


Multiple Sclerosis


Rectal Carcinoma


Prostate Carcinoma




The templates feature decision trees according to latest guidelines and an extensive set of info-boxes, specific to each clinical indication. Report texts are automatically generated and graphical illustrations can easily be attached to the final report to improve communication with referring physicians.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Paul M. Parizel

Prof. Paul M. Parizel

University of Western Australia

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Reiser

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Reiser

formerly University of Munich

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg

University Medical Center Mannheim

Prof. Julian Dobranowski

Prof. Julian Dobranowski

Ontario Cancer Care

Prof. Dr. Claus Claussen

Prof. Dr. Claus Claussen

formerly University of Tübingen

Developed by medical experts. Driven by technology.

A fully integrated image analysis and reporting platform

As an infrastructure solution, Smart Reporting establishes the AI data pipeline and integrates AI into the workflow.

Our cutting-edge research projects, supported by the Bavarian Government, the German Ministry of Science and Education, the German Ministry of Economics, and the European Union, will help establish AI in routine diagnostics and enable higher degrees of automation.

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The people behind healthcare innovation

Prof. Dr. med. Wieland Sommer, MPH is interviewed by Tobias Silberzahn, Partner at McKinsey & Co.

Tobias felt that "...the business community usually focuses more on companies, pitches and valuations, and less on the innovator. I think it would be interesting to learn a bit more about the people behind healthcare innovation."

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Scientific studies on structured reporting

The benefits of structured reporting have been validated in clinical research.

Faster reporting, improved completeness of diagnostic reports and improved satisfaction among referring physicians are typical benefits associated with structured reporting. The following pages provide an overview of key publications in this growing field of clinical research.

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Our structured reporting solution is scalable across disciplines

Quality Management System Successful Certification

Smart Reporting GmbH operates a certified Quality Management System for medical devices according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016 + AC : 2017-07.
This certification of our quality management system lays the foundation for the registration of Smart Reporting products as medical devices.