Launch of Smart Pathology at ECP 2019

Smart Reporting, is introducing structured reporting in pathology at the European Congress of Pathology. Come and see us at our booth #R62 in Halle Rhodes!

Sep 7, 2019

Launch of Smart Pathology at ECP 2019

Structured reporting tools are a prerequisite for education, standardization, and quality control and result in higher satisfaction with physicians referring cases to pathologists and radiologists. Furthermore, structured reporting is the basis for enabling machine learning and AI. Smart Reporting, having already established their reporting tools in radiology, is now introducing “Smart Pathology” at the European Congress of Pathology on September 7, 2019.

Smart Pathology’s user interface is interactive, multilingual, and speech-enabled. It allows pathologists to automatically create a report text by simply selecting the relevant properties in a case-specific template structure. Templates for the main indications (prostate resectates and punch biopsies, breast resectates, …) are available for free. Pathologists can customize these templates, create their own structures, and are always free to add or edit the generated report texts. Smart Pathology integrates with laboratory information systems but can also be used without any installation or setup by simply copying reports to the clipboard.

For more information and to get a free basic account please visit the product page of Smart Pathology.

Smart Reporting is looking forward to exhibiting at the European Congress on Pathology in Nice, France, 7–10 September 2019. We hope to welcome you at our booth #R62 in Halle Rhodes where we will be showcasing Smart Reporting’s software for structured reporting!