New features available in Smart Radiology

As part of our ongoing product development efforts, we released new features on 18 March, 2019. These features will enhance your user experience and improve the overall reporting workflow.

Mar 18, 2019

New features available in Smart Radiology

Add text in the report where and whenever you need it

A feature of Smart Radiology is that the report is being generated instantly, as you work your way through the findings. This provides immediate transparency on what the final report will look like.
However in certain cases, referring physicians may have specific requests or you see the need to add to the report. In such scenarios you can directly click into the report section to adapt or complement the text. See image below.

Create a CSV export

To enable structured analysis of the reports created with Smart Radiology, we added the possibility to create a CSV-data export. This data format enables structured analysis of the reports that have been created, using Smart Radiology.

Kindly note, that this functionality is not available as part of the freemium version.

Personalize your view of the templates

In your use of Smart Radiology, you may focus on a specific clinical indication or modality. With the updated search bar, you can now create a personalized view of our templates. By entering the filter criteria and hitting "return", the filters remain in place even after you log-off and therefore create a customized list.