Our Tutorials Get to know Smart Radiology.

Tutorial #1 Getting Started

In the video we explain the features and areas of the starting page. You will learn how you can set your own personal preferences, search for a template or module and begin reporting.

Tutorial #2 The reporting interface

Here we guide you through the layout, structure and functionality of the interface. You will learn you can quickly navigate through the overarching structure of the report, set the right language and generate a "normal findings" report with one click.

Tutorial #3 Creating a report

Finally, we come to the center piece - the template itself. Each one of our templates carries multiple features to enhance your reporting. Clinically validated decision trees, graphical elements and clinical background information help you to become more time efficient and create richer reports.

Tutorial #4 Export your report

Upon completion, you will want to copy the report into the respective IT-system. The video explains how, at a click of a button you can export the report and add graphical elements.

You are ready. Get started today!